Pokemon German Cartoons and Secrets

Pikachu Board Map Game Mania Pokemon Territory

Pikachu Board Map Game Mania Pokemon Territory

Enjoy some cool Pokemon videos in German, plus learn names, secrets in German for Pokemon, maybe new names you don’t already know, and when your done check out Pokemon in Spanish, and learn some German with the Pimsleur, or Foreign Service course.

Das Superhirn der Mirage-Pokémon (German)

Pokémon Names in Germany – BulbaTube

Pokémon Generationen, Folge 1: Das Abenteuer (HD)

Pokémon Generationen, Folge 2: Die Verfolgungsjagd (HD)

Pokémon Generationen, Folge 3: Der Herausforderer

Talking About Pokemon Go – German Learning Tips #42 (English)

MEGA POKEMON & PIKACHU EASTER EGG! | 5 SECRETS in Pokemon Go | Pokemon Go Deutsch

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