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Tell Me More, Part 1

I’ve just started a 7-day free trial of the Tell Me More online course in French. It’s unlike any other language course I’ve ever experienced. For starters, it tests you before you start so it can tailor the course to you. And, although the test is not easy, the grading is quite generous. My skimpy year of French study somehow catapulted me to the “Expert” level. Not so fast! I downgraded myself to “Advanced” so I’ll have a chance of understanding what’s thrown at me in my 15-hour course. Let the French begin!

Twitter Cocktail Haiku

I recently attended a seminar, “Twitter for Word Lovers,” with branding consultant Catherine Carr, where I learned the ins and outs of what Carr describes as a social media cocktail party. It was there that it dawned on me that Twittering can be a literary art form—and one that can be shaped to suit the multilinguist.

Remembering the “French Sentences” concocted by a poet friend of mine—a seventeen-word sentence about France with the quality of a haiku—this afternoon, in a spill of glorious October afternoon sun, I concocted my first Twitter cocktail haiku:

Quand il fait beau en octobre, il faut que j’arrête de travailler, m’allange, et me chauffe au soleil.

It took only ten minutes but the activity engaged my mind, tickled my imagination, and taught me something new. Bonus: My sudden poetry just might attract the attention of that exotic foreigner on the other side of the Twitter room and cause us to strike up a conversation.