La Soledad

When I put on a little dinner-making music this evening, after a day spent painting my kitchen cabinets a lovely French grey blue, the first song that came on was Pink Martini’s “La Soledad.”   I swooned. I hit “repeat.” And I swooned again. Then I dusted off my Spanish dictionary and finally began to brush up in earnest for my trip to Barcelona this spring—by translating the lyrics so I can sing along.

La Soledad


Viniste a mí

Como poesía en la canción


Un nuevo mundo de pasión



Sin egoísmo y la razón

Más sin saber

Que era el amor

Yo protegí mi corazón


El sol se fue

Y yo cantando tu canción

La soledad

Se adueña de toda emoción



Si el miedo robó mi ilusión

Viniste a mí

No supe amar

Y sólo queda esta canción





You came to me

Like poetry in a song

Showing me

A new world of passion


Loving me

Selflessly and without reason

But without knowing

What love was

I protected my heart


The sun has gone

And I am singing your song


Takes over all emotion


Forgive me

If fear stole my illusion

You came to me

I didn’t know how to love

And all that’s left is this song

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