Flash Cards!

A great way to bulk up your foreign vocabulary is to create and carry flash cards of the words you’re learning.

While you’re sitting at the bistro, sipping wine, waiting for your date, you can shuffle through your flash cards, starting with the foreign terms, and then, as that gets too easy, turning the cards over and working your way through them in English. Discard cards as you master them, and add new ones as your vocabulary expands.

I keep a pile of blank cards at hand as I study, and from time to time I even dip into the dictionary, adding terms that I’ve been needing or that simply sound nice. Some of the words I added to my French flash stack this morning:

encourageant (encouraging)

rigolo (funny)

un portable (cell phone)

dedans (inside)

un mot de passe (password)

plaisanter (to joke)

une bise (kiss)

plusiers (several)

un paysage (landscape)

en cachette (on the sly)

hereux, heureuse (happy)

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