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March Multilingual Madness

!Hola, políglotos! ¿Como estáis?

Gracias to those of you who have submitted videos for our Foreign Language Video Contest. If you haven’t entered yet, you still have until the 31st to do so (see the “Call for Entries” post for details).

Wie geht das Sprachestudium? Are you stuck? Bored? Distracted? This month we’re going to mix it up a little. A lot, actually. Keep at your regular studies, inching ever closer to breezy fluency in your language of choice. But I invite you to expand your horizons by trying on new languages wherever you may find them: le français on the back of your bouteille de shampooing, el español in an ad on el autobús, or even the 汉语 in the instructions for your 数码相机!

Have fun with it. Learn something you never expected to. And let me know what you find.