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Foreign Language Video Contest: Call for Entries

Ciao, polyglots!

How many of you took the January language challenge and watched a foreign film without the English subtitles? I did. I gave Almodovar’s Todo Sobre Mi Madre a whirl. Or should I say it gave me a whirl? I hardly understood a word–and I thought that my Spanish was pretty good. Guess I know what language I’ll be polishing up this month.

Now on to the February language challenge! This will be fun. Multilingual Books is having a Foreign Language Video Contest. You submit the videos, and we’ll pick our favorites and post them on Multilingual Books. If your video is chosen, we’ll give you a free language product (and half of any online revenue generated by your video). Sound good?

So find that stunning travelogue, funny faux pas, or self-made language lesson and pop it in the mail. Come on, wow us!


Best Foreign Language Video, Best Travel Video, Funniest Language-Learning Video, Best Spanish Video, Best French Video, Best ESL Video, and Best Slang Video


  1. Videos should be between 2 and 10 minutes in length.
  2. Include with your entry your name, contact information, and the title of your video.
  3. Submit your video by mailing a DVD to Multilingual Books at 1715 NE 97th Seattle, WA, 98115.
  4. Winning participants must declare that they have written consent from the people featured or identified in their video.
  5. By submitting an entry, each participant warrants that he/she is the sole author and copyright owner of the entry or has permission (via license or otherwise) to use or incorporate those entry portions authored or owned by third parties.
  6. By submitting an entry, each participant automatically confers on Multilingual Books the license to copy, reproduce, and display the video.
  7. The deadline for entries is March 31, 2011.